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We believe that our school is a memorable and magic place. Many of our parents and alumni agree!


"Having had 3 children over a period of 13 years as pupils at Hyde School I feel in an ideal position to give a valued opinion of their time at the schoolHyde Primary School is family oriented and friendly.  Its small size enables the mixing of children of different ages.  There is a sense of community that encourages the older pupils to look out for the younger ones, taking on a caring role.  The head and staff know all the children and parents well. I always found them approachable and supportive with any needs or issues.   The position of the school could not be bettered, located in the middle of the village and being fortunate enough to call the common their playground.  My children could not wait to put on their wellies at playtime, escape to the common and continue with their adventures amongst the forest ponies and donkeys.  Due to the unique type of nurturing that my children received at the school their confidence increased over the years and prepared them well for the next step up to senior school.  They had many happy years at Hyde and for this I am very grateful to the school!"

"Our daughter has settled into Hyde amazingly well. She would stay longer if she could! We have been very impressed with the attitudes and behaviour of the older children who all come across as polite and confident and go out of their way to look after the little ones. The school has a feeling of being one big happy family. The teachers clearly know each individual child very well, they had certainly managed to sum our daughter up perfectly at our recent parents evening after only a few weeks in the school. We are extremely happy that we chose Hyde for our daughter."

"My son has settled in so well, it really has been a stress-free transition! We couldn’t be happier!"

"Everybody at Hyde has been welcoming and friendly. My son's teacher and all the teacher assistants have been so caring and supportive, making his transition from pre-school to 'big school' so easy and smooth.  He loves going to school and always comes home with a smile on his face."

"Starting school can be a daunting time; all the teachers and staff at Hyde were fantastic, making sure that my daughter's first days and weeks were fun, happy and relaxed. The school took a partnership approach to ensure that each child settled at a pace that was right for them and as a result, she settled well and quickly.  She absolutely loves going to school and no parent can ask for more than that!"

"Our daughter settled quickly into year R, the small class size has enabled her to quickly make friends. All the staff are attentive and were very welcoming to pupils and parents alike."

"We moved to the area only a week before our daughter started school for the first time. We’ve been overwhelmed by how friendly & welcoming the school has been & how quickly she has settled in to the family atmosphere the school creates.  It’s great to see how much she has developed in such a short period of time. We couldn’t be more pleased."


"Hyde school was and quite possibly still could be my favourite place!  I have years of happy memories, particularly the musicals by Mr & Mrs DL, and the friendships I still have today."

"My time as a pupil at Hyde Primary School  set me up to be an independent and ambitious adult, teaching me the values of self-motivation in work as well as play. The importance of close community and an outdoor lifestyle have also stayed with me as a result of the school’s intimate size and special New Forest setting."

"Looking back I think Hyde set me up well, because being so small gave us a chance to be involved with things we wouldn't otherwise have done. When everyone needed to be a part of everything, it meant that even if you weren't that good at football or acting or tag rugby, you were still a really key part of the football team or the school production, and didn't have to worry about letting other people down. I think Hyde therefore created a space where everyone was encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and try different things regardless of their ability, which I don't think happens at a lot of schools today."

"I always remember only happy memories when I think of my time at Hyde Primary school.  I loved it so much from the crazy music lessons to the fun school trips we went on.  All teachers and students were friendly and welcoming and with it being a small school meant it was like family.  In my year there was only 6 pupils, this may seem really small to some but to me that really helped with my confidence, we were all really close even through secondary school and I'm still close with a couple of people now.  I did truly love my time at Hyde and hope to one day send my own children there."

Year 6 Leavers' Interviews, July 2018

Two of the school governors spent an interesting time talking with the Year 6 school leavers. Here is what they had to say about their time in Hyde School:

  1. The pupils had always felt safe in school and were well treated.
  2. The teachers were great fun and very helpful. Sometimes when needed they could be serious. Most lessons were exciting but sometimes maths and writing could be boring!
  3. They felt that the school values were generally followed. Co-operation was important when working together on problem solving. They acknowledged the importance of courage to keep going when things might be difficult and felt they could demonstrate independence in everyday lessons.
  4. When asked what could make the school better, they said “a sports hall”, but recognised that this wasn’t possible. Other ideas included marking out courts on the common and having netball/basketball hoops. Several people would like to see more laptops and science equipment.
  5. What would the pupils miss about the school? A resounding reply was their friends and the teachers and the lovely setting on the common. They were anxious about the size of their new schools and not knowing everyone’s names.
  6. When asked what advice they would give to new childrenthey replied….
    • Make the most of all your opportunities - time passes very fast.
    • Be kind and helpful to everyone in school.
    • Don’t be scared to ask for help.
    • Don’t be disappointed if you are not the ‘star of the week’ celebrate the other children’s success.
    • Most importantly BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE- BE YOURSELF.
  7. What things in school have made you most proud?
    • Success in cricket and netball competitions against much bigger schools.
    • Summer shows
    • Art work e.g. the rain forest.
  8. What have been your favourite subjects?
    • Science- I want to be a vet.
    • English-I have learnt so much and I love story writing.
    • English/Maths-we have such fun and learnt different ways of doing things.
    • PE-I love all games and PE
    • Music-I really love this.
    • And what don’t they like? SATS and Homework!
  9. All the pupils agreed that they had been well supported in their learning.
  10. Their future plans? Ideas ranged from becoming a dance teacher, a doctor, a vet, and an actress but no-one had considered becoming a school teacher!
  11. When asked about the strengths of the school the pupils were unanimous in saying it is a great school. They had valued the family environment and felt that there was always someone there for them. They loved the involvement of so many people and the great team work.

Finally, they wanted to express their appreciation for all the teachers and other staff and also to the governors for their support.

Well done to all the pupils in Year 6, we are proud of you all and wish you well in your new schools. Don’t forget to come back and see us again.


Ben Clemson

Assistant Head for Student Development - Burgate School

"We have found our students who have joined us from Hyde primary School overall to be well prepared and Secondary Ready.  The school engages well with us to ensure the smooth and successful transition of students through attendance of our termly cluster meetings.  There is frequent and useful communication between our schools and a long history of success in the educational achievement of Hyde / Burgate students."


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Hyde CE Primary School is now open to children from Reception and Year 6 and also to children of key workers.